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Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep A Catholic School for Grades TK - 12

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Resources for the School Community » Academics » Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

All students completing the full high school program at Trinity Prep will have had four years of Honors Religion, Honors Literature, Honors History, Seminar, Forum, Science, and Math, plus two years in Latin and Physical Education, and two years in a modern language.
Four semesters of Fine Arts/Performing Arts are also required and can be satisfied by drama, music, or art classes. Extra-curricular activities available are yearbook publication and sports teams for boys and girls.
Two hundred sixty credits are required for graduation. Five credits are earned for each semester of work passed in courses taught at least four times per week. 2.5 credits per semester are earned for courses taught a minimum of two class periods per week.
GPA is on a 4.0 scale with Honors classes receiving a one point bonus. Letter grades are based on the following percentages:
Grading Scale 2011-2012
Grade Percent             Grade Percent
A+ = 98-100                C   = 77-79
A   = 95-97                  C-  = 74-76
A-  = 92-94                  D+ = 71-73
B+ = 89-91                  D   = 68-70
B   = 86-88                  D-  = 65-67
B-  = 83-85                  F   = 0-64
C+ = 80-82
All of Trinity Prep's academic courses are college prep level, and any student completing the full curriculum is well prepared to do college work.