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Curricular Approach

At Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep we offer a superior classical education to every child willing to learn. Kolbe Academy & Trinity's Prep students represent all children, not just the most talented, and we challenge all of them to the limits of their abilities. Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep recognizes that parents have the primary duty of educating their children and seeks to assist them toward this end. Although we uphold the highest standards of academic achievement, our purpose is to educate the whole child.

We emphasize Christian character formation through a program of common sense discipline and respect for all, in accordance with the mind of the Catholic Church. Our faculty advisors assist students in setting and meeting worthy personal, spiritual, and academic goals. Our students learn to think clearly, to speak eloquently, to write persuasively, and to calculate accurately.

Students have the tools necessary to learn from others, and, in turn, to teach others. They develop an appreciation of the arts and an apt expression of artistic and musical talents. They become fit instruments for Christ, who destines them at the beginning of the third millennium for the mission of bringing mankind and society back into harmony with the Triune God, Creator, and Lord.