Tuition Assistance

Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep has always been dedicated to making this incredible educational experience available to all who desire it.  Financial need has never been allowed to restrict a family's access to our school.  Tuition is kept reasonable and financial assistance is available to assist all who wish to be here to be able to do so.

How does the financial aid process work?

All of the following information is due by May 1, prior to the school year you are applying for.  After May 1, financial aid is available on a first-come, first-served basis, budget allowing.  Please complete the following steps.
• Write an informal letter to the school that your family will be requesting Financial Aid for the coming school year. This letter should include the reason for the need of aid. The letter does not need to include private or personal details, just a general reason, for example; loss of a job, unusual medical expenses, expected low income for the near future, etc.
• Go to and complete the online application. The FACTS flyer that is attached below will have information to help you get started and there is contact information for assistance on the bottom of the flyer if you have any questions. This also must be completed by May 1, prior to the school year in which you are applying.
• The BASIC Fund is also a possible avenue for financial aid. If you have a student entering into private school in grades TK – 8 for the first time, you may be eligible for up to 75% of tuition aid. The BASIC Fund application is attached below, or you may apply online at