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June 13th Tues. Memo

  Tues. Memo 

June 12 –June 29 (Office Hours – Monday-Thursday 9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.)

June 28 – Burbank Affordable Housing Informational Meeting – 7:00 P.M. (FLYER ATTACHED)

June 29 – Burbank Affordable Housing Informational Meetings – 6:00/7:30 P.M. (FLYER ATTACHED)

July 3-7 (Office Closed)

July 10 – Aug 11(Summer Office Hours – Monday-Thursday 9:00 A.M. -3:00 P.M.)

July 10 – Adult Summer Education Begins

July 15 – (SA) – WWI Film Festival Part I – All Quiet on the Western Front – 7:00 P.M.

July 17 – Summer School Begins

July 22 – (SA) – WWI Film Festival Part II – Sergeant York – 7:00 P.M.

July 27 – Adult Summer Education and Summer School End

July 29 – (SA) – WWI Film Festival Part III – Paths of Glory – 7:00 P.M.



June 13, 2017

St. Anthony of Padua, Priest and Doctor of the Church


Congratulations to all our students for their completion of another academic year which culminated with the third trimester exams which ended last Friday. Thank you to Emily Arend, Janet Bakh, Cindy Carr, and Cindy Mudge (and anyone else I may have forgotten) for helping to cook, serve, and clean up from our end of the year all-school luncheon on Friday. Special thanks to Koreen Immen, Cindy Mudge, Andrew Mudge, and Alisha Ciluffo for staying after school on Friday to assist Cathie Schmitgal in tidying up and setting up for graduation.


On Friday evening, Fr. Gary Sumpter celebrated our annual baccalaureate Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish where the graduates, their parents, family, faculty, and broader Kolbe-Trinity community gathered to give thanks to God for our 8th and 12th grade graduates and to pray for their continued success in the next phase of their life. Thank you to Max Muth and Dan Arend for serving and to the Trinity Prep Choir conducted by Aaron Fidler and accompanied by our new theology teacher, Kevin Fitzpatrick for providing beautiful music befitting the occasion.


On Saturday morning, we were blessed with perfect weather for our 32nd annual commencement exercises. Special awards were present to graduates Katelyn Warner, Sean Quinn, and Maria Arend. Salutatorian Robert Bakh warmed up and prepared the crowd for valedictorian Maria Arend’s address. Dr. Linda Norman, Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Santa Rosa, gave a beautifully heartfelt and pithy commencement speech. Diplomas were awarded to eighth grade graduates Gabriella Hickey, Maggie Immen, Sebastian Arellano, and Katelyn Warner (Jessica Duncan also graduated but was not in attendance) and senior graduates Maria Arend, Robert Bakh, Joseph Dilly, Nicholas Fetterly, Nathan Hickey, Regina Muth, and Sean Quinn.

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and the entire Kolbe-Trinity community, I wish to once again congratulate these students on a job well done and our thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of them as they enter a new phase in their young lives. Thank you also to the parents of the graduates, their primary educators, for collaborating with us to make this special day possible. Have a wonderful summer!


New Teacher for Next Year!


I am pleased to announce our final hire for next year: Jay Hippolito. Jay has taught junior-high for the last two-and-a-half years at St. Helena Catholic School and is currently youth minister at St. Helena Catholic Church. Jay received his B.S. in communications media from John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego in 2013. Jay will be responsible for teaching 11/12 physics, 9/10 biology, third-year high school Latin, Algebra I, and P.E. Please join me in welcoming Jay to the Kolbe-Trinity community!


Upcoming Events!


Affordable Housing Informational Meetings – June 28 & 29


Burbank Housing, an affordable housing provider in the Bay Area, is giving three informational sessions to prospective first-time homebuyers on Wednesday, June 28th @ 7:00 P.M. and again the following day, Thursday, June 29th @ 6:00 and 7:30 P.M. in the Fellowship Hall. Burbank is in the process of purchasing our adjacent property at 2033 Redwood Rd. and has already presented information to the faculty and staff here at the school about the potential opportunities for purchasing these affordable 3-bedroom/2.5 bath units. These sessions will be open to the public, and members of the Kolbe-Trinity who have never owned a home and are interested in the purchasing an affordable unit are encouraged to attend. See the attached flyer for more details.

Adult Education Courses

Summer Evening Latin Course

Greg Williams will be offering six two-hour evening Latin classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings in July (July 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26) from 6:00 – 8:00 P.M. for any interested parents or members of the community for a fee of $150. Textbooks will be provided. If you are considering taking the class, please contact Emily in the office to express your interest.

Summer Evening 20th-21st Century European History Class

Have you ever wondered about what contributed to the rise of Communism, Fascism, the European Union, and Islamic terrorism in Europe? Interested in discovering the causes and consequences of World War I and World War II? Study European history with yours truly, John Bertolini, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (July 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27) from 7:00 – 9:00 P.M. Parents, members of the community, and incoming seniors (for free!) are welcome to attend. A fee of $150 will be charged. Textbooks will be provided. If you are considering taking the class, please contact Emily in the office to express your interest.

World War I Film Festival

Since 1917 is the 100th anniversary of the entrance of the United States in World War I, I have decided to institute a summer film festival in July featuring three World War I movies: All Quiet on the Western Front (1930), Sergeant York (1941), and Paths of Glory (1957). There will be a short introduction to the film, followed by a viewing of the film, and a short retrospective afterwards. All films will be shown in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday(s), July 15th, July 22nd, and July 29th at 7:00 P.M. There will be no charge for this event, but donations will be gratefully accepted.

Summer School – July 17-20 July 24-27 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. – SAVE THE DATES!

News and Updates!

Meal Train for the Chris and Emily Arend Family

Congratulations to the Chris and Emily Arend family on the birth of their newest child, Henry. Lauren Maykowski has generously offered to spearhead a meal train for the next few weeks. Emily has spent countless hours donating her time, talent, and treasure to the school over the last two years as parents’ guild president, assisting with fundraisers, or doing whatever has been asked of her so please do prayerfully consider making her family a meal. Please visit the following website https://mealtrain.com/0n8dvv. to sign up.

Vacation Bible School @ St. Apollinaris – June 19-June 23

Youth Minister, Dominic Figueroa, with help from Fr. David Jenuwine, will be spearheading Vacation Bible School at St. Apollinaris starting this coming Monday, June 19- Thursday June 23 from 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. See the flyer for more details.

Final Vows for Sister Maria Faustina

Sister Maria Faustina of the Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa will be making her final vows on Friday, June 23rd and would like to extend an invitation to the Kolbe-Trinity community. Please see the attached flyer for more details.

Teacher Looking to Rent 1 Bedroom Apt/Studio

Greg Williams is looking to rent either a 1 bedroom apartment or studio in the next couple of months. If you know anybody who has one available, please contact Greg directly at gwilliams@kolbetrinity.org



Transitional Kindergarten


We have a great TK curriculum and an amazing TK teacher, Jessica DeGrange, but we need more students to have a separate TK program next year. We are now up to four potential students, and we only need one more to offer a separate TK program. TK will be scheduled for five days-a-week tentatively taking place from 7:50-12:10. After consulting with Linda Norman, Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Santa Rosa, it appears that we are allowed to accept students younger than four years and nine months old. If your child will turn four by Sept. 1st, they are eligible for TK. If you are interested in enrolling your child in transitional kindergarten next year or if you know of anyone who has a child at that age, please contact the office ASAP
Fingerprinting for Volunteers: Anybody who wishes to volunteer to earn requisite service hours and assist in whatever capacity (athletic coaching, field trips, driving for sporting events, lunch duty, etc.) MUST have been fingerprinted and needed to have this information submitted to the diocese ASAP. Please contact Emily in the office immediately to begin the process if you have not done so.

Prayer Requests

Fr. James Lantsberger, who served as chaplain at the Napa State Hospital for more than four decades, offered Mass at both Kolbe Academy and Kolbe-Trinity when needed beginning in the 1980’s, and more recently offered the Traditional Latin Mass at Holy Family Mission in Rutherford on Sundays up until this past April, is suffering side effects from chemotherapy to treat cancer which have caused him tremendous weakness and have led his being placed in a nursing and rehabilitation center in Martinez. Please pray for his successful recovery, that he can regain his strength and continue to serve the Church.

Catherine Audrey-Quinn is very much in need of our prayers. Catherine is currently suffering from a very aggressive stage-4 cancer. If you aren’t in the regular habit of praying the rosary in the evening, (or if you’re like me and often finding excuses not to say it), please make an extra effort to spend some time in prayer asking Our Lord and his Blessed Mother to surround Catherine with their love and consolation.  

Chuck Rowles’ health continues to show dramatic and unexpectedly strong improvement that is nothing short of miraculous. He has been cleared to travel to South Dakota to attend his son, Michael’s, wedding. Following that, he will be traveling to Houston for a consultation at the Anderson Cancer Clinic. Please continue to keep Chuck and his entire extended family in your prayers so that he will be ultimately cured of his stage-4 colon cancer, and that he can return to enjoying a full and active life with his family and friends. Please see the message below from Chuck’s eldest son, Chris.

Please pray for us; masses, novenas and prayers of support are what we really need now as we are still discovering what treatment options are available to him at this time. 

Donations are also welcome. Chuck will be visiting the ANDERSON CANCER CLINIC in Houston TX, and all proceeds will help to supplement Mary and Chuck’s trip to Houston. Thank you everyone for your support and let’s pray that God intercedes for us.

Caringbridge: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/charlesrowles


(Donations should go through WonderWe, donations through Caring Bridge do not help Chuck)

St. Peregrine Novena

 Ad majorem Dei gloriam!

Mr. Bertolini