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Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep A Catholic School for Grades TK - 12

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May 26th - Tuesday Memo


May 26-29 (Final Exams)

May 29 – Last Day of School/ Graduation 7:00 P.M. (Families-Only) Outside Baccalaureate Mass @ 6:00 P.M. on Lawn (TBD)

Jun 2 – School Campus Re-Opens for Optional Pick-Up/Drop-Off – Outside Class Gathering w/ Social Distancing: 9:00 A.M. – 2:45 P.M.


Aug 19 – First Day of School


May 26, 2020

St. Phillip Neri, Priest

Less than one week to go! Thank you for your continued patience as we continue to navigate through a very uncertain situation, where information, expectations, and protocols seem to change on a daily basis. I know that students, more than ever, are ready to be done with this school year, but please do help them maintain their focus for four more days! Please pray for their success in this week’s final exams.

This year we will honor 10 eighth-grade graduates and 4 high-school graduates (who received a special to-go lunch from Fume Bistro last Thursday from yours truly). I am pleased to announce our valedictorian, Daniel Arend, and our co-salutatorians Sophia Haeuser and Liana Meyer! We are still awaiting approval for a families-only graduation ceremony on Friday, May 29th @ 7:00 P.M. which will permit graduates to process in, sit on the lawn, give their speeches, and receive their diplomas. We will have a sound system so that everyone present can hear our students give their speeches. Thank you to Everett Buyarski who will assist me in setting up a Facebook Live webcast of this event for those who want to follow from home. Family members will need to drive in and wait in their cars. As of yesterday, church services are now permitted so we are hoping to receive some guidance from the diocese about our tentative plan to celebrate a Baccalaureate Mass on the lawn @ 6:00 P.M. before graduation. 

You also may have heard that schools in Napa county will be permitted to re-open under very strict guidelines on Monday, June 1st. Although the school year is not being extended, we are contemplating finding a way to have our students come back on campus for a short visit with their fellow classmates and teachers as early as Tuesday, June 2nd. Safety protocols will be ascertained and announced later this week.

Agape Program Update!

The need being caused by the shuttering of Napa businesses continues to be a very real issue.  The generosity toward the Agape Program also continues to be edifying.  Last Wednesday Bishop Vasa came and blessed all of those helping, those receiving and for continued support.  Fr. Gary and Fr. Roa both attended to be of support to those working and receiving.


Agape will continue to need support and grocery donations to be able to serve those that are in need due to this crisis.  If you would like to donate groceries you are welcome to do so Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday from 10am-2pm.  If those times are not convenient please call as we are happy to arrange.  If you can support the shopping efforts, you can send a check to the Kolbe Academy and Trinity Prep and write Agape on the memo line of the check.


If you need support or you have employees in need of support, please come or send those in need to the school on Wednesdays. Our school families should arrive at 4 and line up at the double doors on the side of the school.  other families should line up in the main line between 5-7.  It is advisable to arrive early as realistically lines begin forming at 2:30.


A big thank you to the following individuals who contributed last week.


Beverly & Lawrence Fontana, Howard & Phyllis Haupt, Lori Hennigh, Carole Arcellana, Dorothy Northey, Tracie & Judy James, John & Maryann Charlesworth, Jeanne Title, Jean Anne Ford, Larry Turley, Dominic Figueroa, and Jeffrey Healey.


Thank you also to those who have assisted from the beginning and continue to assist our efforts.


Jack and Carole Duncan, Tony & Marcia Ryan, Mark & Debbie Brumley, Dave & Nancy Nelson, John and Lynne Rodgers, Rich Richardson, John and Katie Ferrigan, Brendan and Colleen Roche, Wendy Biale, Angele Restaurant and Bar,

Von Greiff Landscaping, Jorge & Isabel Ayala, Ana Montiel, Odemaris Aparacio

Andrea Garcia, David and Tina Hill, Sam and Henry Calforda, Jose Garcia, Megan Quinn, Joe Quinn, Sean Quinn, Nico Muth Pat, Sue and Dan Arend, Joe & Katie Duncan, Dennis Hall, Janet Bakh, Mary Rowles, Joan Andrego, Joanne Andrego, Benjamin Hickey, Brianna Hickey, Jim and Karen Hickey, Andrew and Denise Davis, Sophia Castaneda, Abby Palmer and children, The Crafton Family, Carolyn Bollman and children.


Mrs, Dianne Muth, Walt and Pam Birdsall, Orville Fischer, John & Cynthia Carr, Ken & Bernadette Palla, Bill & Jeri McCulloch, Betty Jake, Barbara Sciambra, William Zdanoski, Christine Cattolica, Michael and Holly Depatie, Beth Wagner, Patricia Reis, Mary Christina Hamill, Katerine & Lawrence Thomas, John Bonsey, Bettinelli Vineyard Management, Kristen & John Kelly, Chad & Toni Williams, Deacon Peter Mathews, Thomas & Elaine Markovich, Judy Barrett, Michael Zagorsek, Rita Simke, E.A & S.L Fidel, Lisa Hutchinson, Michael Albini, Cortina Vineyard Management, Mara Montes, Jeri Muth, Gian Cervone, Chuck and Hilary Haeuser, Fr. John Plass, Allen Chang, Ann-Marie & Powell Cetlinski, Cole’s Chop House, Henry and Mary Gundling, Cynthia Rustanius, Deacon Jim & Maureen Eckert, Charles & Judith Morse, Debra Johnson, Michael & Adriana Mautner, John & Marjorie Vulk, Michael & Lisa Flynn, James Pruhomme, Roxanne Lum, Deacon David and Carlin Gould, Judith Cahill-Bravo, Nova Group, Rodgers Vineyards, Kolbe Academy Inc., Ann Kimball, Natividad Zetina, Bob and Mary Quinn, Silvio and Anita Bertolini, Deacon Joe Oberting and…… the many food donors we didn't see.


Community Event – Zoom Retreat w/ Fr. Paolo Dorrego – May 29 & June 12


It says in one of our prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus to "make us apostles of Your Kingdom, soldiers of Your Holy Church, to wander the world always in Your service with the single vision that You reign, that You are loved, that You are well Known".


For that reason, I am pleased to announce this year's Sacred Heart of Jesus Seminar. 


In the last few years, we've been blessed to have introduced hundreds of people to the Spirituality of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and we firmly believe that especially this year, it won't be the exception. 


Yes, It will be different from the other Seminars. We won't be able to gather in one place for the sessions. Zoom will be the platform we'll be using to connect with everyone this year.


Remember this is a seminar for those families or individuals who would be interested in making their consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 


Please, share this invitation with as many people as possible. At the bottom, you'll find a link to the registration form to share.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at


This is a great opportunity for all of you to become apostles of the Sacred Heart! 



Dates: May 29 & June 12

Time: 6:30pm to 8pm

Zoom: a link will be sent to those who register

Donation: $20 (Instructions are given in the registration form)

Registration Form



Prayer Requests


Please continue to keep Jay Hipolito’s grandfather, Henry Ramirez, in your prayers as well as Margaret Crotty who is currently afflicted with cancer.


Thank you for your continued prayers for former Kolbe Academy student (and my classmate) Michael Arribage who is currently battling stage-4 kidney cancer. His treatment is moving in a very positive direction.  Please continue your prayers for Joy Gittings, grandmother of Kara Gittings, who is recovering from cancer treatment and for Bethany Pham, an 8-year girl battling cancer who is a student at St. Apollinaris Catholic School. Please continue to make time every day @ 1:00 P.M. PDT to pray the Rosary for Our Lady’s intercession against the COVID-19 pandemic, and John Carr who is attempting a full recovery from cancer.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


John Bertolini

Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep